Friday 23 June 2017

My Resurgent Buddleia

I reported last Spring how my tattooed Polish neighbour had hacked my buddleia back to nothing to let the sun at her black petunias and other delights.

A year on, it has suddenly grown to ten feet high and is coming into flower. Hoverflies were sampling its delights.

I am pleased. I await butterflies visiting the thickly sweet smelling blooms.



  1. Hope you get lots of butterflies visiting it Simon. To be honest we cut ours well back late Winter and it rewards with a flurry of fresh growth and many flowers.

  2. I saw so many WW2 bomb sites with this plant growing on it as a child, that it became established in my mind as a 'bomb site plant' and that may be the authorities had scattered the seeds in order to cover up the ugliness. It took me years rid myself of that childish notion.

  3. Alan Titchmarsh recommends cutting the stems back to knee high late Autumn/early Winter and in the Spring down to ankle high!I am always dubious of cutting them back to ankle high though!

    May your buddleias be brimming with butterflies throughout the summer.:-)

  4. I rather think I told you so last year when you bewailed its hacking. Buddleia absolutely thrives on a stringent pruning.

  5. Hi Simon , i cut mine back every autumn and it grows back bigger every year , hope you get lots of butterflies on yours

  6. It takes a heck of a lot to kill off a Buddleia. I regularly hack mine right back and the next year they are blooming as though I had not touched them.