Monday 18 July 2016

Still Working on My Butterfly Shots

Well, after yesterdays Summer warm up on the cricket field, the warm season decided to really finally arrive today.

I've been outside in it most of the day, reading in the garden in the afternoon while watching a big migrant hawker investigating the greenery up my drive, and waiting for a little of the heat of the day to drop  before heading out on a run at 630pm.

But the morning was spent in Sconce Park, where lots of butterflies had come out to play. I've now figured the best way to get them is just on straight 1 to 1 shots, no macro, nothing.

Hmmmm. Lets see how I've done with my small skippers, meadow browns and speckled woods...


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 18.07.16


  1. I particularly like the 2nd photo of the skipper

  2. #4 is a real cracker of a shot.

  3. Love the skipper photo - wonderful.

    Interestingly when I went on a bee walk with an expert recently he had the same Bridge Camera as us (the Canon SX50) and he reckoned he took all his photos of insects just using the auto setting (he didn't bother with macro).

    When I mentioned "upping" the ISO (you don't need to go into complete manual mode. Just use Aperture Priority (Av) if you have it on the camera. Set the aperture to about F5.6 or 6.3 and then put the ISO on about 800. Hopefully, this will increase shutter speed. You just need to experiment really with different ISO and different aperture settings to find what your camera does best.

  4. Thanks everyone! Upping shutter speed will probably sharpen my shaky hand!

  5. Work in progress Simon but good close up of the Skipper.

  6. That fourth shot Si is fantastic - looks like something from outer space.