Wednesday 27 July 2016

Colour in the Owl Land

Running in the owl land is still an irritation. The Sustrans 64 bridge over the relief road is now around 7-8 months over schedule, and the run through Balderton and then up the rather grim Staple Lane past the end of the works, and the less-attractive-than-it-sounds Bantycock open cast gypsum mine, is a pain.

But at the moment, when you finally make your way round to the 64 where the road heads off to Staunton-in-the-Vale and clamber over the bank into the Hawton Works field, it is worth it.

I had written before how it was more wild and overgrown out there than I had ever known it, well now, it is waist deep in ragwort at one end, and neck deep in lady's bedstraw at the other. Lower down beneath the surface of this yellow sea are blue thistles and pink field bindweed.

The birds are loving it, looks like there are meadow pipits and / or skylarks making merry among the undergrowthy, flashing up now and again to reveal flashes of white along their tail feathers. As I made my way along, a female pheasant ran away from me in that usual scatterbrained manner of theirs, not realising that the greater threat probably came from two buzzards above.

I've never seen it so colourful in there. Enjoyed it greatly.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 27.07.16

The ragwort end

Small skipper on clover

This butterfly gave me some really good unusual views


Whatever it is, there's loads of it

Field bindweed

Pink and yellow

Thistle in a hula hoop

Ladies bedstraw

Red tailed bumble drops in on the action

Spot the buzzard

Again need help. Purple loosestrife?


  1. Looks a great place to go butterfly and insect spotting! No more sure than you are whether it's P. Loosetrife or not.

  2. It certainly is MMM, more so this year than any other year!