Saturday 9 July 2016

Butterflies at the Sconce

Well, cricket was cancelled, much to my annoyance as I knew I would get a full 12 over spell today, which I know I won't in the rest of the season. So angry at the weather; it was warm and dry this afternoon, but the damage was done this morning.

Forecast isn't great for tomorrow either.

Still, it meant I got to go for a nice wander round the park, and as the sun came out, so did the butterflies, including the first good view of some skippers, and also what I'm going to say is a small white, although it could be virtually any kind of white; I can't tell them apart.

I've abandoned any idea of taking macro shots, and took these from at least a metre away on a zoom. The results, I'd say, are better.

But still not amazing.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 09.07.16


  1. I'll call that a green veined white, I think

  2. Beautiful butterfly shots. We have had our first Ringlet butterflies in the garden here in Suffolk this week. The nearest place to Kirkcudbright that we found that had a known Red Squirrel population was Threave. We visited the Nat. Trust for Scotland gardens there and sat for some time in the hide ... good woodpeckers again, but no squirrels.

  3. A very nice selection Simon and the change in 'modus operandi' has definitely paid off.

  4. Lovely shots here Simon! I really like the last one with the white wing just peeking over the top of the flowers there, very pretty. - Tasha

  5. lovely photos, always nice to see butterflies!

  6. Thank you everybody, I'll keep trying, these pics still aren't great.

  7. Gorgeous butterflies - they are always difficult to get photos of! Hope you don't mind me mentioning it (and you probably already know) - not sure what camera you have but if you can alter the ISO on it - try turning it up a bit to give you a faster shutter speed. Too high a ISO will make photos grainy but you could probably get away with 800. Apologies if you already know about this!

    1. Thanks Robin, I didn't, and will try this method. I've never shot manually.