Friday 30 May 2014

The Newark By Election Pictorial

It is a nature and natural history blog of course, but given the amount of attention the town is getting at the moment, to ignore the by-election brou-ha-ha seems a little churlish.

Sadly I keep missing all the endless political big hitters who have suddenly realised this town exists in the last couple of weeks, but I will try and catch up with them next week on wednesday and thursday.

After that of course, we will return to being a Midlands backwater, with no more ministers and shadow ministers turning up to pretend to be interested in the workings of our small businesses, or looking like they give a monkeys about the concerns of the people of the town.

A window full of truths?
Hospital Independent Paul Baggaley at his office on Baldertongate, who may well beat Lib Dems into 6th
Young Tory canvassers, Lime Grove
UKIP's latest dread weapon - The UKIP hipster
Dick Rodgers (apparently) - an independent anti banking candidate
Roger Helmer MEP in Alan Partridge attire
A truly modern, diverse, bunch of modern thinkers
Dick again, hopefully not getting too achey
UKIP to make Simon Cowell trousers compulsory

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