Saturday 24 May 2014

A Word about my mobile phone nature Photography

Looking back at that last post I had a bit of a wince, as I realised that some of those images really didn't turn out as I'd hoped, and then got paranoid wondering what you, the reader would think.

"What a load of out of focus rubbish!"... the thought that crossed my mind. So I would like to stress that the vast majority of photgraphs on this blog have been taken by myself with various mobile phone cameras I've used over the last few years. They haven't Iphone 5s or Samsing Galaxy S5s either, in fact much lower end £15 a months cameraphones.

So I'd like to apologise initially for the poor image quality by even decent amateur standards. However I am pleased with myself for lying silently on the floor, wriggling along the ground closer and closer to my target, praying the darn thing doesn't fly off, and finally getting an image with my shakey hands that doesn't look like it was taken a blancmanche. My close ups are taken by getting very close up to my target without breathing, and my action pics are pure flukes.

But I enjoy the challenge of trying to photograph nature with a mobile phone, and will continue to do so, no matter what.

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