Thursday 22 May 2014

Devon Pastures, Newark

I thought I’d give a little shout out for our town park, which probably doesn’t get much of a look in for nature afficianados round here, but is a fantastic little site. Perhaps you aren’t going to see anything super exotic, but as a place to perhaps take less outdoorsy folk to hear a chiff chaff for the first time, or see huge numbers of banded demoiselle damselflies, or take in the lovely water irises or see a charming little fleet of Moorhen chicks, it’s great.

I’ve taken to visiting any sunny day I can, perhaps en route of one of my long ten mile runs, or specifically on my bicycle to see what I can see and get a cup of tea at Rumbles café afterwards. Very soon now, I will be able to see the pretty small copper and common blue butterflies feeding and mating on the Devon-side flowers, and the big hawker dragonflies will emerge to rule like mini steampunk spaceships their patches of sky.

In the oak woods a treecreeper, with its broad clawed tail, is nesting, but I haven’t seen it yet. Orange tip and small white butterflies make their way along the flowered margins, teasing would be photographers by settling on a plant for a second before heading out of your just focussed camera frame before you hit the shutter. Try and spy how many different species of bumblebee you can see.

What has been done with the park, and what is still being done as Hawton Holt develops further, is fantastic, and it is so worth a visit from anyone.

Copyright Simon Hodgson / Cream Crackered Nature 22.05.14

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