Tuesday 27 May 2014

Newark Cemetery; The Fading of the Blooms

Rain is falling, and in the cemetery, the blooms are over. For five months, I have detailed and photgraphed the rise and fall of snowdrop, aconite, crocus, daffodil, squill, buttercup, wood anemone and the beautiful bluebells. Now the council men have gone in with their mowers and cutters, and a time of renewal begins.

In the farmers fields alongside Grange Road, the last of the oilseed rape is still clinging on, tired mini suns setting as the poppies rise. Barley has formed its ears, and above the bristling green grain, swallows skim for insects, plentiful even on a drizzling day.

Bees and butterflies have mainly stayed at home however.

The world is cool, and refreshed. The wind was blowing from the North-East. Honeysuckle smells sweet on the breeze.

Newark cemetery, until recently alive with bluebells
The wildflowers have been cut back.
Chapel avenue
Poppy blooming, Grange Road fields
Wood anemone
Meadow cranesbill?
Honeysuckle blooms
Ears of barley

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