Saturday, 3 May 2014

Newark Nature Around and About

Feels like I've been barely inside all day, I've been parkrunning, walking and cycling, discarding my jacket and letting the sun hit my skin, taking the edge off the occasional northerly chill in the air. The hedgerows are busy with restless orange tips; small whites and large whites are on the wing and proving to be equally difficult to photograph.

Blooms are shining in the sun, hawthorn blossom is everywhere. I'm allowed to have ice creams in the market square, and listen to Radio 4 plays while on the move - that makes me sound old. I didn't think about work, and enjoyed my tea at Rumbles on the Sconce.

A simple day, but a greatly pleasurable one.

Fly on a buttercup
Sickly red tailed bumblebee
Tree bumblebee on a white bluebell
The perfect buttercup
Unknown bee drinking nectar
Twenty plume moth in my kitchen

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