Friday 2 May 2014

Orange Tips and Fly Tips

A day of running and cycling kicking off with ten miles on the bike on a bright but cool morning. More and more orange tips are about now, males and females, but no brimstones and not so many peacocks. Then again it isn't warm enough to be great butterfly weather.

I wanted to see what was home on Cotham Flash paddocks, having seen yellow wagtails in the area last week, but the field was entirely empty, and not just because the owner has spread horse manure and sout concrete blocks down, presumably to prevent the sort of fly tipping I saw further down. Considerate fly tippers had stuffed an old caravan full of rubbish before dumping it.

I despise the fly tipping that spoils all my running and cycling routes, I really do.

In the afternoon, I ran the coddington route, saw swallows, but despite craning my neck into various uncomfortable positions, saw none of the swifts that have been reported at Kings Mill Reservoir today. Newly arrived migrants seem to love that lake, it seems like a very rich food source for hungry hirundids and, er, swiftids.

Hopefully they will be screeching over town soon.

Geniune concerns? Or NIMBYs
Cotham church at a distance
Fly tipped caravan
Flying bumblebee at the sconce
Another flighty, flitty orange tip

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