Friday 30 May 2014

More and More and More Newark Bumblebees

The buzzers are all over the ceonothus, honeybees as well as the usual tree bumblebees, and the noise can be heard all over the folks' garden, which despite their endless moaning otherwise, is a beautiful little spot.

It isn't perfect for wildlife by any means, it could do with some more wildflower areas, especially to attract butterflies, but it does pretty well. As well as an incubating blackbird sat in the ivy, I was delighted to find that great tits had nested in an old outside toilet.

Every two minutes, an adult great tit arrives with a mouthful of green caterpillars, and feeds the youngsters located under the wooden eaves.

Later on, I went running, and paused in the library gardens, where bumblebees are busy on the various special flowers, the blue ones in particular. Whatever they are, I'm not bloody Monty Don. They were really fast moving today, spending barely more than a second on each bloom, so getting clear photographs with my smartphone was a real challenge.

So, without further ado, let me again give you...BEES!

Honey bee in flight
Look at all that pollen!
Mail red tail at work
Tree bumblebee getting well stuck in
Tree bumblebee amidst the blue
Whose bottom is this?
SAdly out of focus, is this an early bumblebee?
And another!

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