Monday, 14 May 2012

Willow Holt via Horse

Having seen the Countryfile report last night on horse neglect, was rather supset to see a piebald mummy horse standing motionless over her dead foal. Never so much as moved its head as I ran along the old A46 Farndon Road.

I was out looking for butterflies and dragonflies at Willow Holt. Of the latter I saw neither, but as soon as I turned into Farndon, I saw whites and Peacocks taking in the decent, and rarely decent at that, weather. Willow Holt entrance was a bit boggy, and the Meadow Browns that live in are not about yet. But along the river stretch, I saw more Peacocks, Whites and a few Orange Tips.

Orange Tips by the way are a lot less numerous than last year.

On the river stretch of the Holt, I saw a Blackcap sat on a stumpy looking tree and I think a Sedge Warbler dived into a waterside bush as I went by. The power station stretch seemed very bleak, a couple of herons kept an eye on me as I went by.

As I ran back along Farndon Road, I noticed a public footpath leading to the river I've never been on before. And it was a boggy field leading to your typically barren river bank maintained by a fishing club. The only fisherman around though was a Cormorant...

A few Swifts, House Martins and a single swallow were seen on route. Swifts were swifting by my home too. They are so fast in the air.

Fast and beautiful.

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