Wednesday 30 May 2012

Rutland Water

Family trip out today to spend an afternoon sitting in some pleasant weather at the Whitwell area of Rutland Water - no trip to the reserve further down the lake alas. Not much bird or wildlife though, and not a butterfly to be seen! Swallows, crisp loving and amusingly squabbling mallards, a few black headed gulls and a cormorant looking for trout on the water.

Sadly, no sign of any of the famous Rutland Ospreys this far up the lake. And on a week day, not many pretty boats and I forgot to buy ice cream. Luckily I had already bought a huge tub at home!

Yesterday had an 8 mile run, along the cycle path where a male orange tip seemed to be being pursued by four pure white females; and back into Balderton along the lane at the back of Flowserve, the one with the lovely eggs for sale! Hawthorn in bloom, sparrows and chaffinches in the hedges. And here I saw my first Specked Wood of the year along here, and there's some Birds Foot Trefoil around now.

 London Road lake has its lonely Grebe, I'm sure it had a mate a couple of years ago! No ducklings on view.

Beacon Hill park is quiet, the flowers late, not many butterflies on view yet here. No Sand Martins on the river, nor many swallows, but screeching swifts are ever present.

And ever beautiful.

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