Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Semblance of Spring

Sun was out this morning, and it was still out an hour later when I managed to put my book down and I get out of bed.

It may be bright, but it isn't very warm, and spring can't be bothered to be sprung with all this rain around. However, as I ran past a very empty looking Balderton lake, a couple of House Martins flew over the cycle path, my first of the year.

And so far, only ones.

Around the path and British Gypsum, where I turned off onto the road past the open cast mines back into Balderton, were my next first for the year - Orange Tip Butterflies! Plenty of other folk have seen them very early this year, and they were everywhere this time last year, but butterflies are very sparse at the moment. Saw a couple of Whites of some kind, but that's about it.

Long tail Tits were also about today, and Chaffinches, but London Road lake was empty. A nervous looking lady mallard with three drakes! Everything else must be nesting in the reeds I think.

No swallows or Sand Martins at the river, no swifts overhead anywhere.

The town is short of non human life at the moment!

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