Friday, 18 May 2012

Swifts and Twittering things

Couple of nights ago, headed out for another 830pm twilight run, and though I was going like the Fire Stallions of the movie Krull, I was still able to see that the evenings are bringing out more and more Swifts in town at the moment, especially where there is water.

They have been over the cycling path at the bottom end of London Road lake, as always effortlessly carving the air into strips a molecule wide. There was a small flock over the river too, eating the midges that tormented me as I thundered along past the barges I wished I had, swooping low over the water.

The sun sank beneath the horizon, painting the sky cordial orange, and venus twinkled upon me and the swifts as I ran back home.

And then at work, a new bird seems to be paying a visit. There are small flocks on the wastelands by the A1 of finch sized birds, that like to fly about making a high tweeting sound as they fly, flocks about 10-15 birds.

Caught a glimpse of one on a fence post, a brief sighting of a black face and a reddy orange breast. In flight I noticed a pronounced white stripe along each side of the tail. Am I seeing Stonechats?

Might well have been! That would be a first round here in Newark!

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