Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Poplar Woods, Hawton

Yesterday, I ran out to Hawton Village and into the Forestry Commision site at Poplar Woods, Hawton;


And basically tried to run round the whole thing! It's huge, a bit boggy, evidently well churned up by horses, and didn't really find very much to look at apart from a Buzzard circling the regimented rows of Poplars. But it felt a little bleak. The signs of life came when you got away from the wood, running alongside the fields of rape where the Yellowhammers erupt from hedges.

The fishing lakes at Cotham end were alive with Swallows, flocking above the water or swooping low above the yellow flowers. Pretty.

Pretty knackered, was I when I finished this Eleven Mile run. But, Cream Crackered Nature is what this blog is called, and getting cream crackered is what I do to bring you content, dear readers.

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