Monday, 7 May 2012

Swallows and Hospitals

Went running at noon, not for any great weather or wildlife purposes, but actually to see the local "Hug a Hospital"  campaign in action.

I ran past the hospital three times, folk doing the hugging thought I'd gone crazy. First time round saw a couple of swallows fly overhead at the bottom of Boundary Road - the first I'd seen in town. Awkward head craning revealed still no swifts, and still no nesting Sand Martins - they are late by the towns standards.

By my second visit, the huggers had linked hands around the bits of the hospital I suspect they were actually allowed to link hands around, accompanied by BBC cameramen and local photographers. But 20 minutes later, they were all gone, point made, stakes pulled up, vanished into the night. But my mother was treated for heart failure there, and I'm glad they did what they did.

Wildlife not about so much today, saw three coromorants in formation from the museum cafe window though, an unusual sight. I wonder if the fishing was good?

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