Saturday 14 April 2012

Peregrine Hunt!

A couple of weeks ago I was sat outside Lilys Tea Rooms - beware the clashing china - on a glorious afternoon, when I heard a sudden sharp keening and looked up just in time to see I think two swiftly moving falcon shapes frightening the pigeons and skimming low over and behind the roof of the building housing Starbucks.

I tweeted about them, and wondered if we had a Peregrine Falcon or two visiting our church. I always envy building that have Peregrines on, when the church here doesn't!

Well, I saw an article in the Advertiser saying a Peregrine had taken up residence on the church roof, complete with a picture of said keen eyed bird, seemingly up on the ledge of one of the steeple windows.

I felt I ought to see if I coould spot the bird myself, so I set off on a pleasant run that would finish with a loop around the church. It took me out on Barnby lane, then up the hill into Coddington and a diversion through the nature reserve into town. Barnby Lane I watched a lapwing, broad ragged wings charecteristic, struggling against a cold wind that a Buzzard, a little further away, was making look easy.

Hawthorns are in bloom everywhere. Coddington verges well decorated with Daffodils. Always think it's a pretty little stretch of road, along past the windmill into the village. Would love to live in the windmill!

But the church itself in town was bare. Ran round all four sides of it, and peered hopefully at the spire, but no sign. There were plenty of pigeons though.

And if I were a pigeon, would I want to be sharing a ledge with a Peregrine Falcon?

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