Monday 9 April 2012

Knees going, sun gone

After the burst of beautiful weather, April is now indeed bringing showers and grey skies, blocking out any stars at night, and making bird spotting during the day a trial in horrble flat grey light. Made it out running on Easter Sunday...

...oh the dedication... anticipation of a chocolate overload that never really happened. All the butterflies have gone back to bed, and all the tufted ducks seem to have left London Road Lake. But the hawthorn is now out everywhere, bluebells, forget me knot and a glimpse of red campion perchance in my garden. A swan has built a platform nest in the lake, and today, a couple of bedraggled collared doves were scouting nest locations in the oak and sycamores overlooked by my kitchen windows.

Like me, Collared Doves are hopeless at picking and constructing a home. Wherever these two nest, it will be in a gutter that will be washed away in the rain, on a branch far too flimsy to nest on, or in the bole of a tree at a daft angle, or on top of a too small chimney pot.

How Collared Doves are so successful given their hopless choices of nest locations, sometimes that is beyond me!

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