Wednesday 11 April 2012

New exploration

Today, having noticed a "Public Footpath" sign out in Hawton village while cycling through it the other day, I decided to run out there today and find out where it led.

I'd kind of forgotten where it was, it's beyond the Farndon turn off, rather than the near side of it, so it could have gone anywhere. But to find it was pleasant-  the rape is out and is turning the filed that beautiful yellow colour, although I could do without that thick cloying smell they give off. Still no swallows to be seen! Plenty of finches about though - Chaffinches have been numerous these last few months.

Found the path by the church and turned right onto it just as another sharp shower had ended. I thought it might lead to the Thorpe village road, but it seemed to meander southwards alongside farmers fields and over a style - in an entirely "oh my god this is going to be a miles too far run" direction. It never turned towards Thorpe or Farndon, instead it turned muddy, weaved through a copse, and finally emerged over a stream in front of a sign that announced it as "Poplar Woods" or something - another large beauty spot I had no idea existed, it seems to extend to not far short of Cotham village.

I though a path headed West, but this just ended by the river Devon with no clear route. So, I have resolved to explore this area another time, and instead retraced my steps so I could run across the flyover to Farndon. Which I did, with a no doubt Ming the Merciless caused hailstorm suddenly blowing up straight into my face and giving my skin a perhaps healthy, perhaps not, sandblasted feeling. A Heron was fishing in the Devon as I went over the bridge, but he flew off as I approached.

I don't blame him.

Ran through Willow Holt, pretty, but nothing much seen, although at the Boathouse a couple of Cormorants were working the river with the current.

So reckon I went about ten miles during todays run, oocasionally drenched, occasionally warmed. But it was outside. And it was FREE! So there!

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