Sunday 29 April 2012

Out on the roads

So, a couple of excursions in the last few days. Tuesday was the nicest afternoon I've seen in about 3 weeks, so I headed out on the bicycle for ten miles doing the "Tour De Rubbish Tip", out on the cycle path, back in through Hawton.

It was a nice ride, past the big solar energy farm, and past fields now fully resplendent in ripe oilseed rape. Greenfinches are about in larger numbers, goldfinches too. Pigeons are loving each other, cooing lovebirds atop the telegraph poles and lamp-posts. Still no swallows, house or sand martins. And swifts are non existent, according to an article I read in the Times yesterday.

Ran yesterday for 7 or so miles, out to British Gypsum and then through Balderton, the nature reserves are very boggy at the moment so I'm sticking clear - last time I was at Beacon Hill there was a very large lake at the industrial estate entrance, surprised not to see ducks on it!

I can't wait for fine weather so I can head out to Langford Lowfields again. I want to see butterflies. I want to see Dragonflies. I want to be outside.

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