Thursday 5 April 2012

Just Love Being Outside!!!!

The title says it all folks. The outside is free. Quite a lot of the outside either doesn't belong to anyone, or you are allowed to go on it. The outside has sun in it that makes plants grow and birds happy, and seems to help my excema. The outside has rain in it, which is cooling, and wet, and makes birds and plants happy, although it makes running a mite difficult for me.

And while cycling, my mudguard-less bicyclee sends plumes of dirty dampness up the back of my jeans and T shirt. Oh dear. But it's a crappy world for many people, so even on these days, I smile and remember all the ghastly places I could be and the awful things that could be happening to me.

So, on a day like today, where I ran 9 miles and didn't perhaps see a lot of interest, and was a little chesty and suffering a bit, I thought, well, I'm still free to do this, and it is still free to do this, and there's a little flock of Great Tits there and all the Hawthorn is in bloom. So things aren't too bad.

They can try and take the outside away from you, but it's all yours.

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