Thursday 19 April 2012

Damp Joy

Ha! It's a grim day, a grim morning, a grim week, a grim month, but one has to keep running through all this. And today I did, grateful I was not in the same condition as a slightly flattened Frog I found on the road near Balderton Lake.

Happier things than dead amphibians were afloat - the first ducklings, 5 of them, I've seen this year were out swimming on the lake, convoying behind their mother, and as I ran by I wondered if mummy ducks feel proud of their offspring.

They always look as if they do to me!

Other things enjoying the rotten weather, well a cormorant was looking chipper hunting on the river by the Aldi bridge, as was a blackbird on the path, splashing widly, joyfully, in a deep puddle on the riverside path.

And me. Yes it was chilly, but the rain just about stayed off me and I felt very very refreshed. Despite the 7 mile run past lonely looking Grebes and hissing Canada Geese. It was worth it to be out there.

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