Saturday 17 September 2022

Winthorpe Lake Trek

 Badly hindered by my ankle injury I'm really not getting out and about as much as I'd like to during this time out, making me feel frustrated and overweight. So my walk out to Winthorpe Lake for a couple of hours, listeing to cricket on the radio and enjoying the mental helath boost the outside world gives me. 

It isn't the most scenic route in the world, I have to say. The walk along the River Trent is rather bleak, with the monotony of a bank given over to the needs of angling broken occasionally of a flushed heron making its way over the water with great, slow wingbeats. Then you get the somewhat nicer stretch along the old elevated railway line before arriving at the lake itself.

Well known locally for the giant concrete barge that ran itself agroung after some kids set it free, I always find this a bit of a sterile spot for wildlife purposes; you don't see many birds here and the ones you do see are fairly unremarkable. 

It never crops up in any local birds of interest report either. 

I don't know why this is, perhaps with Langford Lowfields and Besthorpe nearby the birds have somewhere nicer to go without risking being tangled up in fishing line. 

Still, I enjoyed being out, sore ankle and all reminding me with every step I should give up bowling at cricket. Grrrrr.


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