Monday 12 September 2022

Just More Bimbling

 It seems crazy that I haven't been around the Blue Lake in such a long time. It was a gloomy wet day, but I got fed up with that stopping me last week, so got out the waterproof jacket and headed out.

As usual, I think I would have ended up drier if I hadn't worn the bloody thing.

I wandered through the library gardens first, the now preserved "Stop The Chop" mini meadow which doesn't have a massive amount happening yet, but there are plans i tow to do a "natural" landscaping job on it. Nearly a year ago all those protests were happening. The years fly ever faster as I get older. 

The cemetery is very dappled and green, and the lake was still with very few waterfowl about. They are still protesting the prospect of canoeing here, a campaign that in my view has nothing to do with wildlife, but is rather a NIMBY campaign that other elements have cottoned on to. 

The birds are at no risk whatsoever; they happily co-exist with boating activities elsewhere. 


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 12.09.22


  1. A lovely series of photos! I agree with your comments about the canoes. Canoes don't generally pose that much of a risk to wildlife. It's jet skiers and speedboats that are the biggest worries I would have thought.

  2. I agree, and there are no plans for that!