Wednesday 14 September 2022

Boultham Park Lincoln Trip

 Tired of being stuck in this town, I decided to risk the anxiety of using public transport for the first time since the pandemic started. 

My goal was Boultham Park in Lincoln, a half hour or so walk from the railway station down the Sustrans Route 92 that runs alongside the River Witham. I soon wished I'd had a bike with me, as the route would have taken me 7 miles out to the Whisby Park nature reserve. 

"Get a folding bike, idiot!" I told myself as I walked along the not massively scenic path by the river, although the presence of dragonflies, including a first for me in the form of a black darter checking me out, livend things up as did the sighting of a kingfisher on the way back. 

Why visit a public park in another city? Well, long time readers will know that I am fascinated with the public use of open space, and what goes on there, and I'd seen that this park was an important community space for activities. 

Certainly when I arrived there after leaving the main path to head through some woodland, you could see what the main focus had been in the last few days - the bandstand was covered in flowers in tribute to the Queen, and a few children's drawings of her, and also Paddington Bear, who seems to have become enshrined in this event. But there wasn't a lot going on on a week day.

The lake was rather disappointing, not much of interest to see there, although the metal sculptures around it were really attractive. For some reason I was expecting there to be more planted areas with wildflowers; I know its late in the season but there just wasn't anything; one rather sad rock garden, and a fountain garden with no plants in it. 

The cafe was a friendly little space though, well used by the local community; lots of elderly folk having a spot of lunch and the staff and students of what I think must be a small school for adults with learning disabilities next door. 

Cake selection looked excellent too, both normal and vegan, too bad I feel fat as soon as I even look at a piece of cake.

So that was very nice. Journey back was horrendous though, train replaced by a bus crammed full of college kids; incredibly uncomfortable and the cause of rocketing covid anxiety. 

Yes, I am still that person.


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  1. Well over fifty years since I went to Boultham Park so loved to see it again. Thank you.