Thursday 28 July 2022

A Spot of Deadheading

 On my sister's advice, I had a bit of a garden tidy up tonight, deadheading the coreopsis, hacking back the brown and dry phlox, and removing all the past it allium from the planters.

When doing the latter, I found that the soil in the planters were covered in the seed heads from the allium, so I spread them out a bit, gathered a few to put in the planter I'd just removed the dead poppies from that never flowered, and covered them thinly with soil. 

I will eave themm out a bit longer, then transfer them to the mini greenhouse for autumn and winter and see what happens. The bulbs will still be in these planters too. 

Felt rather pleased with myself for doing this, it seemed a very proper gardener thing to do!

I've enjoyed this rather insignificant standard of gardening in the great scheme of things, I find it wonderfully constructive and therapeutic. 

And middle aged, but hey, who cares.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.07.22


  1. You are definitely catching the bug/ But please don't lose the bug to tell about your cricket and also to take brilliant wildflower and insect pictures.