Saturday 23 July 2022

Echinacea and Rudbeckia

 I haven't written about last week's cricket match; it was so staggeringly turgid and inept by me and ultimately all the rest of us the thought of writing about it brings me out in hives.

Instead, let me take you to the cafe at Sconce Park, and the beds of pollinator friendly flowers looked after by the ranger there. The echinacea and rudbeckia are loved by bees; on a sunny day virtually every flower head while have at least one bumble feeding away, which is why I've planted echinacea, albeit a bit late, and got a pot of rudbeckia for my own garden. 

I'm rather enjoying this new hobby of gardening, although I've got various failed pots out there. My poppies have just died off, and the antirhynus just never sprouted at all. On the flip side my sunflowers are coming along, and my various seed bomb and wildflower mix planters have got all sorts of pretty little flowers growing, so I'm rather proud of that. 

The joys of being nearly 50.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 23.07.22


  1. There is nothing quite so joyous as bees on echinacea on a sunny day.

  2. A homage to bees. Beautiful photos.

  3. You must be doing something right to have all those pollinators around Si.

  4. Thank you all, I'm trying out there to do my (little) bit