Thursday 30 June 2022

Something Else Growing in the Garden

 In recent days, i'd noticed that the local blackbird pair, nesting somewhere over my back wall, had been getting very agitated again.

There was a constant stream of scolding "chakks" coming from the trees, with the resident house sparrows on the receiving end of aggression from the male, which didn't seem to bother them one iota.

Another blackbird with the temerity to enter the territory was brutally chased off by both male and female.

It didn't take an Einstein to work out that they'd raised a second brood, and sure enough the other morning, I went out into my little garden to find another fledgling sat there in the usual dumbfounded state when it noticed I was there, it's gape in the beak giving it a puzzled expression. 

The male parent dropped in to give it a bit of snail, but mummy bird with a worm was put off by my presence, and took it away to feed the other juveniles. 

It didn't have the flying strength to get out of the tangle of clematis on my back wall, so I decided to try and get my bike sorted and off to work as soon as possible. 

It wasn't there when I got home, so happily it found its way out at some point. 


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  1. F hopes a Tigger didn't get it. Tigger hopes....well let's just say Tigger and blackbirds never got on well, but F thinks the blackbirds were winning. They weren't afraid to divebomb the Tigger who spent a lot of his summer outdoor time hiding under and air raid shelter made of an upturned wheelbarrow.

  2. Lucky enough not to have any cats in the area, it's pretty closed off