Wednesday 15 June 2022

The Meadows of our Cricket Ground

 I have another match report to write up, but my brain just isn't up to it, so I will show you photos of the non-cricketing things I found during Saturday's match.

We are fortunate to have large areas of long grass and wildflowers that are acting as a home for various species of butterfly, bees and other insects. There are meadow browns, small coppers and small tortoiseshells always fluttering about among the buttercups, the meadow browns tucked right down amid the base of the stems. 

Ladybirds drift by like winged  spotty Volkswagen Beetles. 

Most players and spectators think I'm mad, but one guy did get it on Saturday. "Looking for nature mate?"

I would have been happy if he hadn't later stopped my nearly winning shot.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.06.22


  1. I often wonder whether my interest in birds was first sparked by the nests we inevitably found while searching in the hedgerows for lost cricket balls.

  2. I never tire of shots of the humble buttercups and daisies.

  3. Your first shot, in thumbnail size, looked at first glance like a bird studying you with its right eye. Easy to see how those markings get called eye spots.