Sunday 28 November 2021

Gardening Funs

 So this autumn, I have got hold of some planters, two big bags of potting compost, and have planted my first ever bulbs, the first time I can say I've ever done any "proper" garden.

Of course, I have made sure they are pollinator friendly, and so have put in two planters and a pot of crocuses, and two planters and a pot of various forms of allium. I'm hoping for some vibrant colour and bees and butterflies in my gravel postage stamp of a garden next year!

In spring, I intend to try the same with some wildflower meadow seeds, as apparently that is the best time to plant them. I might even try some food plants too, I've never eaten anything I've grown. Tomatoes maybe. 

My sonetti has decided to make a valiant attempt to come back into flower, but is very slow at it in this cold weather, and I'm wondering if this first cold snap of winter will stop it dead, although we didn't get any snow here. 

The last few days I've been really lazy, especially today where I haven't left the house, so have yet to test my new monocular bought from Millets - I can't go in there without coming out with some silly gadget or other!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.11.21


  1. There is nothing like looking forward to spring. Tomatoes are something else if you grow them yourself, and quick growing greens give you plenty of salads.

  2. I to am looking forward to next years developments within my own postage stamp sized plot, that if time, work, money and no more breaking of bones allow! Thelma is so right about tomatoes grown and not bought, soooo tasty.

  3. Well done with the bulbs - they always pay you back tenfold in those early spring days.

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