Thursday 29 July 2021

Moar Butterflies

 I've not really seen much to photograph this week, work is picking up the pace big time, and the weather has been a little bit too meh really.

However, I did get an enjoyable walk in through the park to Hawton, and then into Farndon to see what was happening in Cottage Lane reserve.

Walking and listening to the radio is such a delight to me, although my increasing middle aged-ness means I listen to Radio 4 more than 6 Music these days; I rather lost interest after Radcliffe and Maconie lost the afternoon show. I like being spoken to when out on my long walks without the hassle of having to say anything in return. It keeps me calm, and the spoken word means I can still pick out interesting sounds to investigate further.

I also like to see how many of the contestants I can beat on "Brain of Britain". I reckon I would have come second in the final once. Or rather my ego does. 

So, butterflies. To say it is the longest flying of all our UK species in my experience, I'm amazed I haven't been able to to get a decent photograph of a speckled wood until now, in its classic pose settled on a leaf waiting for another speckled wood to come close to attack it. 

Other butterflies fed off clustertop verbena in Farndon, while Cottage Lane reserve is full of purple and yellow loostrife, patrolled by brown hawker dragonflies. 


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  1. The butterfly numbers have picked up lately in my garden - almost as though they are having their last fling.

  2. We will see what late summer is like for them. Gatekeepers and small skippers seems very strong here this summer