Monday 5 July 2021

Faerie Moths

 All of a suddent, 5 spot burnet moths have now appeared in numbers on our work campus, loving the ragwort at the moment. Later in the summer they will cluster round globe thistles and teasel in great numbers, turning these plants into black and red spotted little balls.

I've said it probably every year they appear, but with their spotty mothy plumage and long curly antennae they really are creatures from the faerie realm, belonging in children's books along with mice talking under toadstools. They tend to appear when the cinnabars disappear, making sure we keep up our red and black moth quota up as the summer goes on. 

No cricket for me this weekend; I did get a late call into the second team to play Lambley but we got rained off, meaning I technically played in a match without leaving the house. 

Which is great, as it meant I bowled no wides or no balls, and dropped no catches.


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  1. A crow? Definitely our favorite. We loved the crows in our garden and their entertaining antics.

  2. Yes, that was one of the fledglings from a nest outside my office window!

  3. burnet moths are beautiful, it's always lovely to see them