Monday 19 July 2021

Boiled in the Cricketing Heat

 Sunday was a friendly game against Wellow, a team that we have several connections with thanks to players who have played for both clubs. It was sure to be another very hot day, although a featherweight breeze made it a little more bearable. 

Once again, the buzzards were riding the thermals overhead, and bees were feeding off the last of the bramble flowers. I was trundling around trying to loosen up before the game, hoping that my ankle would stand up to some more bowling after Saturday's efforts. I was thinking I might have to bowl off a short run.

Some might say I'd be better off not bowling at all, lol!

So, we batted first and with our regular umpires away, this meant I had a chance to take to the middle and do some flamboyant arm waving when a boundary was hit, which as I was umpiring at the end where the less good bowlers seemed to be bowling from was a lot more fun than my umpire colleague, who barely had to move while the opening bowler was on at his end.

Have I said that the Wellow team looked suspiciously young and good when they turned up? That always alarms me, as I am old and rubbish these days.

Anyway, our opening bats both recorded 50s before retiring, one rather faster than the other, but after a bright start we got a bit bogged down by the Wellow spinners for about 10 overs, which as it was only a 30 over game was a problem, although some late hitting by the third team captain, thankfully not wearing a long sleeved jumper like he had done on Saturday in the 32 degree heat, got us up to a reasonably competitive total of 143.

Or so we thought.

The opening bat for Wellow, apparently a player on Saturdays for Cuckney in the higher divisions of the Bassetlaw league, made mincemeat of our bowling, and raced to 50 in about 8 overs. It's so easy to spot a top level batsman, the speed of foot movement is so much faster. So much for the theory that friendly Sunday cricket would be a genteel knockabout!

However, he retired on 50 as both teams agreed, which meant I didn't have to bowl at him. Oh dear.

Indeed I did bowl, off a full run too, and ended up bowling better than I've done all year. The accuracy was there, I beat the bat, and as usual HAD NO LUCK AT ALL. I just can't buy a wicket this year, although on a dead slow wicket with no seam movement, and a ball that doesn't swing I've got no chance at my pace. 

I only bowled one bad ball, but despite flogging myself to death in the heat, I just couldn't break through. 5 overs for 17, but no wides or no balls. I fielded ok again too. 

At 120 odd for 3, the game looked dead and buried, but there was a late twist thanks to some aggressive bowling from our skipper, and some mystery left arm wrist spin too. A flurry of bowleds and stumpings followed, and a first time wicket too for one of our players who came to cricket late, but Wellow's last pair saw them over the line.

A fun and enjoyable game, in all. One day I'll bat again though, and add as many as one run to our total.


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  1. Phew looks much too hot for anything especially running about on a cricket field!

  2. There's only one thing worse than playing cricket when it's too hot, and that's when it's too cold. Apart from the umpire wearing shorts it all looks very professional.