Saturday 24 July 2021

Many Many Butterflies

 No cricket match for me today, due to lack of ability and a sore shoulder, so I took myself out for a walk along the river this afternoon to watch the second team at Winthorpe.

The weather has cooled a little bit, and indeed got rather chilly later on when the wind veered to the north. But this didn't seem to deter the butterflies, that were about in large numbers on the riverside flowers, especially the ragwort. 

The dominant species out and about seemed to be the vivid orange gatekeepers, a meadow brown that their creators decided to neaten up and give a nicer paint job. But there were commas, skippers and the various white species too, although I was surprised not to see any small tortoiseshells around. 

Over the river, swallows, sand martins and house martins were busy feeding themselves up for their migration. It seems that the swifts, bless them, have started to leave.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.07.21


  1. A very similar selection of butterflies here too. Ragwort seems to be especially common this year. Nice photos.

  2. There seem to be very few butterflies around my new home, although a cabbage white just flew past the window

  3. Lovely photos, specially the comma. After a slow start, we've had a great year fur butterflies up here. Ragwort here is covered in cinnabar moth caterpillars