Sunday 6 December 2020

Weekend at the Park

 Nothing much to report from this weekend really, apart from nice walking round a rather muddy park before having cups of tea, and getting a rood 6.5km run in at night, through the industrial estate again and the smell of cooking pies.

I was listening to Radio 4 Extra which was broadcasting some strange old comedy shows from the 1940s like "It's that Man Again" which really hasn't aged well, unlike stuff like "Around the Horne" and other Kenneth Horne stuff, and the utterly manic "I'm Sorry I'll Read that Again" which was an unholy alliance of various Goodies and Pythons. 

Enjoying Radio 4 must be a sign I'm getting old, although I'm still a very happy listener to Radio 6, which is an excellent station. 

Tomorrow, hopefully I'll get a longer walk in, cold though it may be. 


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.12.20


  1. Great photos as always. You really capture light in spectacular ways. Nothing wrong with Radio 4......

  2. lovely series of photos, the light is wonderful in them

  3. Thank you so much, it's the luck of walking around during the golden hour