Sunday 13 December 2020

Photos from a Two Hour Walk

 I've been off the exercise bike for a couple of days, as I seem to have done a mischief to my right achilles, but yesterday I was still able to get in a two hour walk.

It wasn't supposed to be, I had just wanted to take my sore ankle to the park for a couple of tea then go shopping. But as the Ibuprofen kicked in, I felt able enough to turn right before the supermarket, and head to the cemetery and the two lakes to take photos in another golden sunset. 

The squirrels are busy; the cemetery and the church grounds are always the best place to see them so I'm guessing they must be religious little mammals. That and all the trees and the goodies they provide. 

It had been raining, but as I walked along the path, the sun broke through as it began to begin its evening kiss of the horizon, and light everything up in gold beneath the grey clouds. 

Plenty of other folk were out walking, enjoying the views. Again, the illusion of normality. 

There was even a rainbow.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 13.12.20


  1. Your photos make me nostalgic for winter in UK. Our winter is a wet summers day in UK. I want cold and woolly jumpers and big boots and low sun through bare branches.... great photos as always Simon. Regards Mr T

  2. Oh .... and a blazing log burner to lounge beside when we come indoors

  3. Great captures, especially the first image!

  4. Thank you all, had another good walk today