Monday 7 December 2020

Right where I was Expecting them

 A longer walk today, out round the two lakes, and I'm happy to report that after the fallow autumn months, new life is returning to the leaf covered ground.

Walking through the cemetery as sunset approached, I thought I'd have a cheeky little look for an early snowdrop, the ground being so full of emerging shoots in the past couple of weeks. And lo and behold, right where they were last year, and out on about the same date, a couple of dinky little snowdrops were in bloom.

New flowers are back, and slowly but surely, fresh colour will return to this blog!

On the water, I kept my eye out for goosander, to see if their early arrival last year would be repeated this year, and sure enough they were, a handsome drake with his duck mate. No others yet, but I'm sure more will arrive; I think we had 12 at one point last winter. 

Lots of geese were on the water, but I couldn't spot the pinkie, or indeed the glorious mandarin drake. 

It's been a very cold day, and I'm anticipating a freezing ride to work in the morning. But the colours this evening have been beautiful; I'll take that.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 07.12.20


  1. I checked for my patch of early snowdrops yesterday but they're not quite there yet. We've had two days of fog - you wouldn't be able to see half way across that lake.

  2. Lovely photos. Our snowdrops are a way off yet but we have plenty of goosanders!