Tuesday 1 December 2020

Teas at the Park

 By the time you read this, we will have emerged from lockdown and back into our Tiers, although seeing that we are still going to be Tier 3 that won't make the slightest bit of difference to me.

I've been able to rediscover the joy of having my cups of tea at Rumbles, something that used to be so important to me in happier times when I used to go every time I  possibly could. The weather over the weekend was misty and drizzly, yet the rain did not bother me. I just stood there with my tea - all the seats at the cafe have been taken away, despite being outside. 

The weather has turned now, dryer, colder, a smidgen of frost in the mornings. My hands are starting to crack, which makes the application of sanitiser rather painful and requiring me to use moisturiser. Snow is forecast with the usual glee by the papers for the weekend; I very much doubt this will happen. Freezing mornings I dread, my hands are agony and riding the bike is fearful.

When this is over, it is time to think about travelling, I think. 


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  1. Gloves? See if you can get hand cream with urea in it (it might be a pharmzcy item in UK) that heals cracked hands very efficiently. I used to cycle for transport in UK, traffic issues aside it's great 'head time'. (F)

  2. Thought of you when I saw an interesting programme on BBC Four about punting down thee Trent.

    1. There's a book too - Tom Fort "Downstream"

  3. Gorgeous photos. Have you tried rubbing olive oil into your hands? My other half swears by it!

  4. Try savlon, massage in well and leave on overnight...works for me.