Monday, 22 July 2019

Fooling a Grasshopper

It has been very hot this afternoon, but a breeze made its welcome presence felt at time and I was happy to spend three hours outside this afternoon, and a further walk this evening. Not sure how bearable that will be tomorrow and days thereafter, but I'll be at work anyway.

I've told my mother she needs to stay cool.

Lots of bright flowers are out at the moment, and the butterflies on view tend to be the various whites, and the second flight red admirals around the maintained gardens, with meadow brown and gatekeeper around the Sconce park grasslands.

I then decided to have a cup of tea at Rumbles cafe, and as I was sat on a wicker chair in the sun, I noticed some rapid movement among the tables. A grasshopper.

It then made the most ridiculous jump, indeed as if it was flying rather than jumping. It ended up on a toy kite on display on the Rumbles window, then it seemed to notice an illustration of flowers on a sign and, seemingly fooled, jumped onto the flowers.

To see a grasshopper on a vertical service is fairly unusual, to see it jumping on to a  picture of flowers is even odder.

I ended up walking two large circuits around town, and came across a pretty banded demoiselle in the castle gardens.

As if there are any ugly banded demoiselles.



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