Monday, 26 February 2018

The Gentle Snowfall

The "Beast from the East" has arrived but at the moment it is only rehearsing - we have had numerous snow flurries all throughout the day of a peculiar dry and almost hail-ly looking snow, but nothing that has really stuck.

That will change tomorrow morning, although god only knows at what time. Will it be before I ride to work, during, or after? How horrendous will the roads be? Will my hands turn purple and drop off?

Who knows. Chances are if it is really bad I will walk.

I saw my first lesser celandine in flower today as I walked around Beacon Hill, having decided to see what was in the nature reserve today. Not a lot, to be fair, but a big buzzard flapped by the sacred tree, and the world had a haunted look about it, as though it knew what was coming.

Brace yourselves.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 26.02.18


  1. Much the same on the snow scene here. A few large fluffy flakes before dawn and then occasional bouts of dry snow, almost like minute polystyrene balls. Lovely bracket (I assume) fungus,

  2. A snowdrift at least 2mm deep in my backyard! I fear there may be worse to come and that celandine will regret its decision to appear so early.

  3. Hope you got to work ok. Sunshine and snow flurries here - snow not really settling.

  4. The celandines have been out here for a while now. Just shows the difference between regions. Take care in the cold and ice. Snow fell yesterday but didn't settle. Wall-to-wall sunshine here today.

  5. Some very heavy snow showers here, almost blizzard like, 10 minutes later the sun is out and none of it has settled.

  6. I like that cat!

    I wonder Beacon Hill's there are in Britain. I think there's even a Beacon Hill Fell Race somewhere to the north of you.

  7. Lovely pics, Si. That calm before the storm . . .

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