Sunday 18 February 2018

A Bright Day's Fishing

As you may have picked up over the years in this blog, I am very ambivalent about fishing. I don't like the damage waste can cause to wildlife, nor do I like how angling clubs obtain waters and make them inaccessible to the public, and / or make them very sterile for nature.

However, it does fascinate me because it is an outdoor past-time and I enjoy watching videos on youtube of anglers behaving in a responsible manner while enjoying their hobby. I also love fish, I love the way that as I walk by the River Devon they are cruising unseen beneath the waters.

Today a couple of anglers were struggling to tempt any from the river on what was actually a really pleasant day outside, a day where the great tits were singing their two tone song like fire engines and long tailed tits flitted in the orchard, really quite close to me.

Why are the smallest birds so unafraid?

So I had a cup of tea outside in the sun, and wandered some more, and finished the day off at cricket practice, bowling at the first teamers and hoping they didn't smash the ball back into my face.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 18.02.18


  1. I agree with you Simon on the fishing issue. I do not like it either.

    Beautiful day yesterday. Good you had some time to spend in the sunshine.

    Have a good week.

  2. The smallest birds are unafraid because they know they are not fish.

  3. Nice to read that you are back on form again Si and that your mood has lightened.

  4. Your story about fishing reminds me of the time about 20 years ago when I was recovering from a badly torn calf muscle when I was training for the Ben Nevis Race I ran full tilt into a rabbit hole with the result that I injured myself. The calf had to be packed in ice and an ambulance called. I was taken to hospital. After 6 weeks, including 10 sessions of physio, I was walking again, and strong enough to walk on the moorland paths. One day I met an angler. An octogenarian. He told me had been a fell runner in his day, and then when he got too old for that he became a cyclist, and when he got too old for that he became a walker, and when he couldn't walk so far anymore he became an angler. That's life, he said. So what did we do? It was lunchtime. We went to a bar and we bought each other a beer.

  5. Hi Si, I agree with you, the anglers make a wall around 'their' piece of land, tragically. It ought be banned. Anyway, the pictures, they are beautiful.

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