Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Cycling on the Edge of my Nerves

Yesterday wasn't particularly a problem here, but by heaven, today was. There wasn't much snow around first thing, but the moment I got to the end of my drive, a blizzard started that was full in my face and making it impossible for me to see all the way into work. But at least the roads and tracks weren't too bad.

However, after a morning of near continuous snow and falling temperatures going home was even more fun. I could barely ride for a large chunk of the journey, although some of my European colleagues were happy enough to go barrelling down a snowy hill, and when I finally found some clear road, a bunch of rough kids tried to chuck snowballs at me as I rode along with buses, lorries and all the white van men in Christendom driving along behind me.

My displeasure was very vocal.

Still, I've made it home, and another day looms. Hopefully I'll be able to find some kind of reasonable route.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.02.18


  1. Did you draw the heart shape on the car? :-) Take care out there Si!

  2. Love the heart shape. Take care on your bike Simon and stay safe.

  3. I love the heart shape too. Have been worried about you cycling in the snow and ice, as I have a husband who is also a mad keen cyclist and I know you chaps are not easily put off cycling to and from work!

  4. I really don't think anywhere or anybody is escaping this lot Si.

  5. You are a brave man Simon going out in this weather on a bike. Do take care.

    Love the heart in the snow :)

  6. Thanks all, it wasn't any better today!

  7. Even Southampton area has had snow - much to the delight of my daughter and grandchildren! For the past few years they've been jealous every time we have had a few flakes.
    Keep well and take care on that steed of yours. Not for me, these days, not in snow and ice!

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