Saturday, 3 February 2018

A Dwarf Iris

It has been a horrible, grey, wet and utterly pointless day I am angry for missing most of due to sleeping.

Although I'm not now sorry I slept through Scotland's dismal showing in the rugby. That would have been unbearable.

I did find the first of the library dwarf irises in flower, soon there will be a neat little row of them and then the greenskeeper will come and get the bowling green ready for spring and the first appearance of the oldsters in white rolling their balls around. I will probably end up being one.


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  1. I used to have a few dwarf irises in my mother's garden. They always looked as though they'd popped their heads up then rather wished they hadn't.

  2. I thought that Scotland had a good shout in the Six Nations' this year!

  3. Bloody Scotland let us down again. Wish I'd kept my head down with the irises