Monday 17 July 2017

Vintage Rally Shenanigans

First up, what the hell is a shenanigan anyway? Sounds sort of Irish to me.

So, I had a really painful night, repeatedly awoken by these pretty sharp back spasms, and indeed they were still bothering me this morning. I rested up on bed all morning, and even then when I tried to go into town I was still having twinges, oh by jingo!

But the worst thing you can do with these sorts of conditions is to just lock yourself away in your bedroom. It's been a lovely day as well. So, I made sure I took pain killers, and rode into town, and to the library, and made sure I moved around. Eventually I was able to get about ok.

Just about.

So, later on I decided to have another potter, and got into town to see what appeared to be a stopover point for some kind of vintage car rally. Three small, shiny and extremely noisy little vintage sports cars, complete with older folk who looked pretty much like the sort of folk you'd expect to see driving such a car, were sat being admired by the townsfolk.

Two of them were GNs, which apparently is a "cyclecar" type light sports car from the 1910s-20s, powered by V twin cyclinder engines. Made in Hendon and Wandsworth, London, they were apparently very popular models at the time, although not if you lived next door to one, I fancy.

Not exactly milk floats in terms of noise level. But a lot of fun to drive, I'll wager.


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  1. A long ride down a bumpy road in one of those is sure to sort your back out (one way or another). Get fit quick.

    1. The suspension looked very rickety! ow, my back thinks!

  2. Not exactly a car enthusiast but nice to see a bit of Newark.

    1. town centre was looking great on a lovely bright day yesterday