Monday 24 July 2017

Banging and Stabbing

Before the cricket yesterday, I took myself off to the park where a Civil War re-enactment was gearing up for the day's fight...Friday night the entire park was full of tents, and folk going round in very large boots carrying water butts or rolls of toilet paper.

Must be hard work to go to the lavatory while dressed as General Poyntz!

There was an early parade with a single small cannon shot, while folk in kilts trotted around the car park - the presence of the Scots was pivotal in the third siege of Newark in 1646 - but most of the activity was centred around the tents where various cookings, smithings and sewings were going on.

Of particular interest was a demonstration of how to stab a child.

A gentle sort of warm up to the day.


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  1. All looks very interesting, quite fancy going to watch a battle.
    Amanda xx

  2. The stabbing happened early Thursday (May 18) near the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and South Claiborne Avenue in ...