Sunday 30 July 2017

A Natural Vignette

I've not been cricketing today, as I've had a works festival to work at, at a Social / Football club with swallows skimming around the stalls all day, while house martins twittered above, their white rumps plain in the occasionally blue skies.

We were lucky with the weather today, we avoided a major soaking until 6pm when the event finished. Not been a healthy day; lunch was a burger and chips, dinner was a burger and chips. THat'll be a 10km plus run for me tomorrow, that's for sure.

Had a great view of a natural encounter on the way home, literally as I was leaving the car park. A woodpigeon was flying along, just minding its own business past a stand of trees, when suddenly, with three sharp screeches, a sparrowhawk - identified by the three dark bars under the tail - shot out of the treetops and set off in pursuit, causing the pigeon to do a handbrake turn in mid-air and head off in the opposite direction at high speed.

Wonder if it was an inexeperienced young raptor, as its timing was miles off! It set off in pursuit, but it was never going to catch the woodpigeon unless it had a jetpack strapped on. It made me smile though.

Here's a hoverfly on the sun to make you smile too.


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  1. Lucky you to see a sparrowhawk mid hunt. It's usually the females who go after bigger prey like pigeons. I once saw one bring one down- it was like a steam train coming out of no where. The pige didn't stand a chance. Enjoy your run - am off for one myself shortly.

  2. THanks both of you, I love these encounters

  3. Just had a thought- it couldn't have been a goshawk could it?

  4. Always wonderful to see sparrowhawks! Ours are fledging at the moment! Lovely hoverfly photo!

  5. Well done on getting the photos Simon. They are such lovely insects :) The one in our garden has taken a liking to one of the buddleias too!