Tuesday 18 July 2017

Buffets and Butterflies

Well, everyone at work never seems to get ill, and so is deemed worthy of a mighty reward.

A piece of paper, and a buffet of the canteen's greatest treats.

I've had to go to every one, and because I'm a sucker for free food - I'll be very very honest and say that eating is one of the very few things that makes me happy - I'm happy to tag along, although I swear to god my body is crying out after the massive carbohydrate overdose it has withstood over the past few days.

My back has still been painful, so sitting at my desk is rather uncomfortable and I feel far better keeping on the move, so I've been a busy sort of messenger boy today. But after checking the kitty traps - apparently we caught a black and white kitten yesterday - I had a wander over to our garden area, to see if there was anything prettier outside than in.

And there was, the scabious attracting a small skipper and a green veined white (or small white???). Excellent little 5 minute interlude.


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  1. Thank you for that Si. When I see a white butterfly I always assume it is a Cabbage White - I shall look more carefully in future.

  2. Looks like a green veined to me. It's a good year for flutters.

  3. Green veined whites, small skippers are doing very well, lots of speckled wood and meadow brown as ever, not so many ringlets. Middling for orange tips, peacocks barely seen all year