Tuesday 25 July 2017

Flutters at Work

Managed to get out for a short trot across the campus today - I am the work version of a Securicor van - and managed to check out our various meadows and verges.

It's been a bright day, which means a healthy population of bees and butterflies has been about. They love the flowering teasel, and the rosebay willowherb keeps them occupied as well.

A small skipper also nectared long enough off one for me to get a shot of it.

Then over in the herb garden, a huge and shiny peacock was sat upon a buddleia but I never got a chance to get a shot. A red admiral was far more amenable, indeed it kept fluttering around my shoulders and back onto a different flower every time it as disturbed.

It wouldn't show me its wings however. Little scaly sod.

Speaking of scales, the line of blue markings along the bottom edge of each forewing were rather interesting!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 25.07.17


  1. A lovely selection. Red admirals get more interesting the more you look at their detail. Raining here today so no insects.

  2. Simon, Today's run delayed. Rain. But I have 'discovered' another mystery plant. No idea what it is. One suggestion is a kind of lupin . . . any ideas much appreciated.

  3. Lovely to see the butterflies - it was a good day here for them yesterday with all the sunshine but not today - rain has arrived!

  4. Yes it is hammering down today indeed!

  5. Great to see the butterflies - we had several painted ladies yesterday, the first we've seen for a while!

  6. lovely photos, you get more butterflies down there than we do up in Scotland!

  7. I have so many Red Admirals here Si this year that I tell my self each one is the farmer coming back to say hello. It gives me great comfort.

  8. You're working your legs, your core. You're kicking, or you can go back and forth just like this, which are ...