Friday 14 July 2017

Fred the Kitten

Well, we have only caught the one kitten at work so far, but what a cute one!

Fred is named after our facilities worker who has been here a million years doing all sorts of things and is rather a legend. He helped the cat care lady when this feisty little fellow tried to make a run for it out of his trap.

He's now being fostered and accustomised to human handling so he can be rehomed. He is very lucky. We've not caught any more, and the cat care people on site have been told by night staff that there is also a vixen and four cubs, and also a family of weasels and that they between them may have taken the other kittens, which is heartbreaking, but not unexpected.

Let's hope Fred can find a good forever home.


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  1. Well done- not an easy task collecting feral kittens. He is rather gorgeous, dear little thing.

  2. He's so beautiful, looks so sad here!

  3. Our cat was a feral kitten. I hand reared her from tiny. She's now 5 and i'd say is still about 40% feral. Catitude!!

  4. Catitude indeed! I hope this fellow finds a really good home!

  5. what a sweet looking cat, hope he finds a nice forever home